Carrageenan and the Issues behind It

Carrageenan side effect becomes popular issue to discuss. Carrageenan comes from two forms. They are undegraded and degraded carrageenan. The undegraded carrageenan has been used to thicken and stabilize the food that you consume. This property is made from seaweed and it is cooked in alkaline broth. Before being washed, it is cooked in alkaline broth, filtered, and the last step is it is cut and milled into a powder. However, how is the degraded one? It is cleansed in a severe.

Why the Accusation about Carrageenan is Unfair

People nowadays are paying extra attention to their health, but the fact is that most food products nowadays contain additives or preservatives that can be bad for a person’s health. Some products are fine if consumed in moderation while others can truly be dangerous. Carrageenan is a fiber that has been looked down on nowadays because people claim that it is dangerous.