Welcome to NJ

As the experienced photo booth, NJ tries to encourage your entire wish. When you want to use NJ's service, you only have to discuss your event concept, how many visitors and the term to take the photo booth. You also need to consider the place on your event that suitable to be a place to take a photo booth.  The small things like a board to hang, the background, and another stuff to bring is needed to be considered in detail.

Mechanism to Use the NJ Service

Another mechanism is also should be discussed in detail. Do you want to hire the photo booth by hours or by a number of visitors?  You need to realize that not all of visitors attend want to take a photo. They are who in a hurry usually will not take any photo. In the other hand, something to consider again is about the weather. When your event is outdoor and the rain comes, what would you like to do? NJ as the professional photo booth will help you to solve it. You do not need to worry about anything anymore because photo booth rental NJ will not miss one of your event moment and attendance. What do you think about it then? You must be loved it. You can start to visit the photo booth rental New Jersey’s office like what its website has told you about it.

Bronze Basic with 3 hours duration and unlimited photo prints is only $580. By this price, you will get fee delivery to within 30 miles of Jersey City. The next package you can choose is Silver Basic with only $680, and the last is Gold Basic with $780 for 5 hours duration. The specialization for Gold Basic is you will get the love books. Choose the most appropriate package with your pocket and enjoy the show!