The Significant of Likes Number on Instagram

For personal use, social media platform may be just to show an opinion. It means that the use of Instagram for the personal is only to share a picture that we take or interesting picture that we think it is interesting to share. In personal use, we may really care about how many likes we get in one picture. We will not bother of how many people put a comment on our picture. But, different condition happens if we use social media platform, especial Instagram for business. We will very care about how many likes we get in one picture.


The number of Instagram likes could show the popularity. Every picture on the Instagram will matter for business. The picture should be interesting to make the followers, at least. Attract the followers is the first step to being popular on Instagram. Every entry in Instagram has a chance to be on the “search column”. In the search column, we could find random pictures. Some pictures are available on this column because it becomes the current trend on Instagram. Sometimes, pictures on the search column appear because of the mutual friends. Other people can see the pictures without even follow the account. For business, it is a good chance to be more popular. Other people will know our account. They may be going to follow our account. On the search columns, we also can find the pictures because they have many likes.

Being popular through the search column will help to increase it without promotion. The only effort we should do is making the most interesting entry every time we post on the Instagram. At least, we could attract our followers to click the like button. Our entry may not be able to repost without an additional app. But, it could enter the search column when we have popular entry among our followers.