Reasons to book ticket in Easybook

Easybook is number one big online ticket booking where almost all big cities in three countries like Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore are covered well since there are more than thousands routes and hundreds bus company that join to integrate their ticket to Easybook. It has been years now since it is very first online ticketing bus in Singapore. More than millions passengers have experienced good things in their bus travelling. You don’t need to go to the office or agent to book the ticket but simply go to the website of Easybook and then choose the routes to get your trip. More than 5 years they have been developing their partnership with Bus Company or travel company, Payment Company to make them flexible to any kind of method of payment and developing the app so it can be affordable for those who use smartphone for transactions.


Some people have reasons why they now move to a bus traveling and then go to online booking like Easybook. The first reason is flexibility. Going by bus is more flexible since there are many departures and destinations we can choose ranging from small to big cities that are available on this site. It is different from the plane route where you need to go with taxi or bus again to reach the destinations. The second reason is easy to book. When you have decided to go by bus and then book by online, you are delightful because the way to book is easy. You just need to choose the routes and then tap the bus you have felt that it will be good for your road traveling, you just go to next step to payment. The last reason is payment. Various payments are available in this online booking ranging from PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, local bank and more.