MovieStarPlanet is basically one of the most demanded games nowadays. People from all around the world has been playing this game just after this game was launched. There is a different approach of gameplay that can be found on this game comparing to other online games. Basically this game is a social game which allows to interact with other people. Most of the users in this game are teens and young adults where some of them have really gone out for a date after a meeting in this game. Therefore, it surely attracts many young players to either find friends with the same interests in this game or even to find some guys or girls to date.

The Currency

There are, however, some information that should be known before we start to experience this game. The first one is the currency that is used in MovieStarPlanet. Two currencies are used in this game which are starcoins and also diamonds. For starcoins, it is practically able to be derived by doing daily quests whereas diamonds can only be derived by using real money. Both currencies are mainly used for getting some fancy stuffs that can be worn by our avatars. The more expensive the stuffs, the better it will look hence those currencies are basically needed for us to hang around in this game.

The VIP System

Another thing that should be known from this awesome game is that its VIP system. Basically it is a system which allows users to become a VIP user with several privileges. For example, by being a VIP user in this game, we are able to enter some VIP rooms with cool background. Not only a cool background but also other VIP users. Hence, we are able to meet some users that are also paying for VIP which is great.