Luxury Chess Pieces: Indian-American Luxury Series Chess Set

If you are looking for luxury chess pieces with a theme, you should see the Indian-American Luxury Series.
• King: 4.4 inches (height), 1.85 inches (base)
• Queen: 3.85 inches (height), 1.77 inches (base)
• Bishop: 3.26 inches (height), 1.57 inches (base)
• Knight: 3.14 inches (height), 1.65 inches (base)
• Rook: 2.63 inches (height), 1.57 inches (base)
• Pawn: 2.4 inches (height), 1.37 inches (base)
The set total weight is 1900 grams. The recommended board size is 55 mm
About the set
All of the Indian-American Series pieces have a stud of iron in the luxury chess boards. Also, each of the pieces has thick green felt on their bases as well. The dark pieces are made from bud rose wood while the lighter pieces are made from box wood.
Design and build quality
All of the pieces have hand-selected thick green felt that not only feels luxurious but also provides better stability. The thick green felt envelops the base of each of the chessmen precisely. The felt protects the finish as well as the surface of the chessboard from scratches. The pieces are all beautifully crafted in bud rose and box wood. The material will surely give you premium feel and luxurious touch in your hand.
The design, quality, and craftsmanship of this set is unmatched by another set in its class. It is indeed an extraordinary chess set.
If you are looking for luxury chess pieces that are very detailed, hand-weighted, hand polished and come with thick green felt base pads, this set is a good option for you.
With the Indian-American luxury chess set, your chess playing experience will be enhanced. After all, this set is not only beautiful to look at, they also bring better playing experience thanks to their sturdy and stable build.