How a Free Cell Phone Can Help

It is a good thing that the government is coming up with the assistance plan and program that are designed to truly help the needy and the poor. In America, you can get a free cell phone if you are considered eligible. Of course, you can’t really expect a fancy cell phone like the iPhone but it should be enough to help you get going with your daily life and activities.

The Government Program
Discover Wireless is basically a program that is set up by the Safelink Wireless, which is the oldest and also the biggest government free cell phone carrier. Similar programs may have existed before, such as the Reachout Wireless and Assurance Wireless. The Safelink Wireless is using the same principle and implementations as the two where they provide free cell phones as well as the free phone service. When you are considered eligible for the phone, you can get the phone and enjoy the free minutes – totally free without having to pay anything.

Consider yourself lucky when you can get the phone. You can get completely free 500 free minutes in the first three months. Afterward, you ‘only’ enjoy 350 free minutes for any local or domestic call. Text messages are also free and you can enjoy the unlimited service. No need to worry about any application fee, phone payment, activation fee, or monthly fee. There is no such thing as annual contract bind or credit check.

The Current Condition
So far, Safelink Wireless has covered 31 different states, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, providing service to more than 4 millions of Americans with no direct access to the cell phone. The program is said to also include other providers and up to now has covered around 49 states although some states may not get the full coverage. Visit the official website if you want to know how to get the access to the free phone.