Fun Excitement with Manga

Have you ever heard about manga? Do you know what it is? It is basically a Japanese comic with its unique reading system and also a unique story. Unlike the Western comics, the Japanese comics require you to read it from right to left (not the ordinary left to the right system). If this is your first time reading the manga, it is pretty understandable if you get confused. However, keep in mind that manga has a lot of great things to enjoy. Not only you will like the unique story, you will also like the unique drawing method and technique.


What to Like about Manga?

Basically, if you are looking for something edgy and different, the manga is the answer. Unlike the Western comics that mostly talk about superheroes or the fantastic realms, most stories in the manga are quite familiar and closer to home. There are stories about superheroes and superpowers (naturally) but there are also stories about schools, families, and other things that make the readers feel related to. There are stories about romance and high school relationships. There are stories about work and detectives. There are stories about the supernatural and ghosts and so much more. When you read manga, you will never get bored as there are so many different options available for you.

ReLIFE: The Fantastic Story

The same thing also applies to ReLIFE 1 and the fact that it presents a unique story (almost to the realm of impossibility) and yet it also feels familiar. It is mostly about a man who has done nothing significant in his prime age. Being jobless and everything, he is given a chance to re-do his life again – starting from the high school. Will he able to change his faith and his path of life? Will he be able to re-do his life once more and be successful this time?