Common Questions about Carrageenan: Find the Answer Here!

I believe that almost all of you love eating ice cream as your favorite dessert or a cooler in a hot day. Besides that, you may also like drinking latter from Starbucks in the end of the tiring day you have; yup, very refreshing. As a big fan of the dishes, have you ever thought about why ice cream and latte have lovely texture like that? Although you are not the producer, yet it is beneficial for you to expand your knowledge on the food thickener used in them called carrageenan. Let’s start with a very basic question here: what is carrageenan? In short, carrageenan is food thickener that works like gelatin. The main difference lies on the origin of the ingredient that carrageenan is derived from red seaweed.

Hey wait, this is not the end of the knowledge about carrageenan. There are some more common questions people often raise regarding the thickener. See what they are and find the answer here.

Why people use carrageenan?

When what is carrageenan has been answered, another question may appear: why do people use carrageenan? The answer is simple. Carrageenan helps you with the texture of the food and therefore the ice cream you eat is not watery. The ingredient also makes it lasts long since it works as preservative as well.
Is carrageenan safe to use?

You raise this question because health is your concern, and this is great. Good news for you that carrageenan is proven safe to use as food thickener and preservative. If people tell you it is harmful, do not take the words because what they are talking about is poligeenan instead of carrageenan. They come from the same plant but in fact, they are different. Food manufacturers never use poligeenan in their products thus you can be relieved. Anymore question?