Carrageenan and the Issues behind It

Carrageenan side effect becomes popular issue to discuss. Carrageenan comes from two forms. They are undegraded and degraded carrageenan. The undegraded carrageenan has been used to thicken and stabilize the food that you consume. This property is made from seaweed and it is cooked in alkaline broth. Before being washed, it is cooked in alkaline broth, filtered, and the last step is it is cut and milled into a powder. However, how is the degraded one? It is cleansed in a severe. The acidic mixture in it leaves the dangerous effect for human to consume. Therefore, the degraded one is under no circumstances put to use in the food industry.

Carrageenan and the Speculation behind It

Well, it was proven harmful to ear and medical practitioners did not prescribe poligeenan. However, it was no circumstances that applied to put it in the output of food. Another invention comes from Doctor Joanne Tobacman. He said that carrageenan might come to be infected with poligeenan and high a risk to health. However, the WHO and FAO conclude saying it as only a ‘speculation’.

The type of seaweed from which carrageenan is extracted is Chondrus Crispus. It was found in Ireland in the year 1810. Doctors prescribed this content as the treatment for respiratory problems. Carrageenan is the name that believed to come from Carrigan Head, a headland in County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland. In this place, the seaweed would have been found in a great abundance. In the 1820s, the carrageenan was made by cooking the Irish moss in milk. In the 1840s, the use of carrageenan is spread use from Ireland to the USA. It is predicted spread by the Irish migrants fleeing the potato famines. Therefore, is there any another thing to consider about carrageenan?