Buying Best Quality Hair Extensions

Tips You Must Follow

Hair extansions are a great strating point if you love to change your hair style on regular basis. They are quick and easy to both apply and remove, so they are perfect if you need a fast transformation. They come in sets of hair pieces in various sizes, lengths and colors, so there is basically no limit to your new looks. To get the best result, you need to buy the best clip-in hair extensions in the market today. Here are several tips you must follow to get the best quality hair extensions:

The clips should be in stainless steel and in the same tone-in-tone color as the hair. Stainless steel won’t rust when the extensions are being washed. One tone colored slips will be invisible when the extensions are worn. There should be a small rubber band inside the slips to prevent them from gliding out of the hair.

The weft track should be strong and shed free. To test, run your fingers through the extensions; the hair should glide easily and not shed a lot of hair. The weft track should also be thin and bend easily while the density of hair should still be high. The weft track should be double and the seam line should be straight and professionally made. The weft should be sealed on the sides of each extensions piece to prevent small hairs from sticking out on the sides.

Best quality hair extensions are those made of human hair. Real hair extensions will look and feel natural, and they can be styled and treated as those of natural hair. If money is no object to you, choose the remy hair since it is tangle-free extensions. If you have thin hair, choose a lighter clip in set. If you have rather thick hair, opt for a more heavy clip in set instead.