Are you ready for NBA 2K17?

Gamers throughout the world have anticipated the return of the most popular basketball games NBA 2K. Basketball fans who has PS4 already expected to play it and the rumor says that NBA 2K17 will be available on September. The game is highly favored as the most realistic and innovative of the NBA 2K series.
In the previous series, locker codes become the gamers’ favorite feature. As you know that the locker codes offer a lot of bonus prizes, trading points, and so on. This feature was so popular amongst the players and they also expect NBA 2K17 locker codes to happen in the next game. Then, here is the good news for you guys.
A glimpse of NBA 2K17 Locker Codes
Well, NBA 2K17 locker codes are not official yet but the rumor has already begun to flow. One thing for granted, there is no official statement from the developer regarding this issue. As expected from the notable developer that releasing the codes to early will ruin the game itself. In addition, any leak about the NBA 2K17 locker codes can also lead to a bigger leak of the game.
It’s not a shocking event that 2K keep their mouth shut about NBA 2K17 locker codes. However, here is a key hint from the 2K individual as stated in his tweet. It says, “Free Agent Cards combined with Locker Codes is going to be a lot of fun in terms of what we can do to have fun with #NBA2K17.” This tweet creates huge speculation going in the internet. It just needs one tweet from a 2K spokesperson to drive the folks in the internet crazy. A lot of discussions regarding the issue are held on the forums. Some say that its true while some believes that it only scam. Then, what’s the real meaning behind it? For now, just let the time do the job.