All About IQ Option Platform for Binary Options Trade

Choosing the right brokers for your binary options trading isn’t something easy as there are so many different platforms out there. That’s why it is crucial to look at some of the reviews of binary options brokers as the reviews can provide more information and insight. Among the so many brokers, there is the so-called IQ Option which comes with some of the best features that you may see fit for your trading needs.

About the IQ Option
The progressive and innovative broker were first launched around 2012. It has 100% bonus and 92% maximum return with only $10 of minimum deposit and $1 minimum investment. It is mobile and accepts some of the most popular currencies such as the Euro, American Dollar, Yuan, and Pound.

The Good and the Bad
Naturally, you need to know some of the good things of the platform as well as the bad ones so you know what you can achieve with it and the possible problems that you may encounter. There are a lot of things to like about this broker, such as:
• It comes with very nice deposit bonus
• It has a lot of options and most of them are the good variants
• It has excellent returns
• It has mobile version and the user interface is very friendly and easy
• It has the offer of the smallest minimum investment – and you can definitely gain profits, for real
• It has a stand-alone and functional demo account which you can use
• It is regulated by one of the most agencies in the industry, the CYSEC agency
• The interactive learning system and tools are very nice

The only con of the broker is that the options for customers are quite limited. Customers from Israel, Japan, Sudan, USA, Canada, and Iran aren’t accepted so if you come from one of the countries, you are out of luck!